This is Mr and Mrs Mike Strauss, who I had the pleasure of getting in fantastic shape, for the most important day of their lives. it was a mixture of blood, sweat and tears. Their commitment to creating a healthier lifestyle, was second to none. Lisa started at 126 Lbs, and was 117 Lbs on the big day. Mike started at 226 Lbs, and was 202 Lbs, possibly lower on the big day.

Mary Jo S.

Winona, MN


We loved our custom "Family Boot Camp" when visiting from the Midwest.  Craig is a great  motivator and was sensitive to the individual needs of each family member. The beach setting was ideal.  Can't wait to do it again!

Mike & Lisa Strauss, Four Seasons Biltmore, Santa Barbara December 7th 20013



Mike, Far right. Prior to working out.

Celebrating their wonderful day!

Sarah. S.

San Francisco, CA

Wow!!!!! Beach bootcamp work out on Saturday AM!!!! Location was breathtaking. Craig was so motivating and energetic!! Feeling the burn today!